Episode 1: Introduction and World’s Quickest Audio Tour of Singapore

I am so excited to present the very first episode of the Coming To Singapore Podcast!


This first podcast gives you an overview of the podcast including:

  • who this podcast is for
  • the format of this podcast and future podcasts
  • who am I and what’s my story

In this episode

For the first podcast, I thought it would be fun to record my version of the World’s Quickest Audio Tour of Singapore!

Here’s what you’ll get in this podcast:

  • where in the world is Singapore (find it on Google Maps)
  • what do you call someone who is a native of Singapore
  • a little history of the island
  • the population of Singapore
  • what’ s the weather like
  • the Singapore currency
  • the languages we speak
  • what’s the food like
  • is Singapore safe
  • how do you get around in Singapore
  • what we do for fun

I end by telling you why I created this podcast – and how I hope it can be valuable to you.


Singapore’s Park Connector Network: great for jogging and biking

Article on Economist.com about Singapore languages

Network Map of the Singapore MRT (Mass Rapid Transit): an easy way to get around the island

Signature foods in Singapore: YUM!