Episode 3: Something About Culture Shock in Singapore

I thought I’d talk about culture shock in Episode 3.

It’s something we all deal with when we visit another country. Different language, food, culture, customs, etiquette..

This episode was especially recorded to help ease you into the life in Singapore – and hopefully help dispel some fears you might have.

The topic is really far-reaching, so I’ll probably dedicate another podcast on this thing called culture shock.

In this Episode, I talk about:

  • what is culture shock
  • how preparing yourself for the differences in custom and culture can help you ease into your new environment a little easier
  • I talk about Singlish (the unique, sometimes-confusing way Singapore’s speak) and explain some Singlish phrases
  • I talk about the infamous “LAH” thrown into the everyday Singapore chat
  • I discuss about the important cultural concept of saving face and why it’s important to understand this when relating to Singaporeans
  • I teach you to say thank you in Singapore’s main languages: Chinese, Malay and Indian
  • A cultural oddity: reserving your seats at an eatery with … umbrellas??
  • At the end of the episode, I also share with you a few things you need to be conscious of about being culturally aware

Resources I mentioned in this episode:

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