Episode 4: A Guide to Singapore’s Signature Dishes

What can I say? I love food – and SINGAPORE food!

Singapore is a food paradise, if you haven’t already heard. In this Episode of the Coming to Singapore podcast, I share with you a few of Singapore’s signature dishes.


I give a shout-out to Mrs Linda Gartner, dear friend and respected choir director at Sycamore Junior High School, in Cincinnati Ohio. She was the very first person to give me an iTunes review and rating. Thank you, Mrs Gartner!

In this Episode, I talk about:

  • 3 kinds of food places you’ll find Singaporeans eating at: food courts, coffee shops and hawker centers
  • why hawker centers are the ‘way to go’!
  • find out what celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsey says about Singapore hawker centers
  • the signature dishes I talk about in this episode are:
    • Chicken Rice
    • Roast Meat Rice
    • Singapore Chili Crab
    • Char Kway Teow
    • Hokkien Mee
    • Prata
    • Nasi Padang
    • Satay

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Other mentions in this podcast: