Episode 6: The Interesting Icons of Singapore

This episode is all about Singapore’s most famous ICONS.

Throughout every city in the world, there are recognizable icons: people, places, buildings, structures, art work, even food – they are the things that people associate with that city.

When you think of Paris, you may think of the Eiffel Tower. When you think of Spain, you may think of the delicious dish called paella. When you think of Orlando, Florida – you think… DISNEY WORLD.

I think of icons as a city’s must-see, or must-do, or must-taste – and definitely a must-take-a-picture-of.

We’ve got a few of those in Singapore. And that’s what I’m gonna talk about today. Singapore’s most famous icons – and you don’t wanna miss out on them on your visit here.

The Merlion

The Original Merlion in Singapore

  • Probably the most recognizable of icons in Singapore
  • Half-lion; half-fish (or Mermaid, perhaps?)
  • Read about the Legend
  • Facts about the Merlion
  • The original Merlion is located at the Merlion Park close by Fullerton Hotel and at the mouth of the Singapore River. (Nearest MRT Station: RAFFLES PLACE)
  • The Merlion at Sentosa: beats the original in height and function. You get a great view of the resort island of Sentosa from up top

The Statue of Sir Stamford Raffles

Statue of Sir Stamford Raffles

  • Founding Father of Singapore
  • Current statue at Boat Quay in the Civic District – great picture spot! Behind the statue is the Singapore River – and across it is the row of restaurants at Collyer Quay: great place to hang out and dine at night!
  • More about Sir Stamford Raffles
  • Read the inscription beneath his statue at Westminster Abbey
  • SINGAPORE AT RANDOM (book): Great book to get if you want weird and wonderful facts, figures and trivia about Singapore: Get it here on Amazon


  • A great place to hang out: lots of dining options, shopping, and fun stuff for the kids
  • If you are transiting in Singapore and have at least 5 hours to spare before your connecting flight, you can register for a 2 hour sightseeing tour of Singapore.
  • Checkout how AMAZING the toilets are in this airport! (Google Images)
  • Personal note: I’ve found myself spending day or evening trips at Changi Airport, treating myself to a good dinner at one of the many restaurants, free WiFI connectivity, some window-shopping …
  • Here’s a list of awards that Changi Airport has won

The Singapore Girl

Singapore Airlines "Singapore Girl"


  • The Singapore Girl is Singapore Airlines’ iconic flight attendant, here in her distinctive sarong kebaya uniform
  • She embodies the Asian graciousness and hospitality.
  • She represents the top-notch service Singapore Airlines is known for
  • An interview with a Singapore Girl (Executive Travel Magazine)
  • WIKI Page on Singapore Girl – with a list of stringent rules and regulations

The Durian

  • Durian: you’ve GOT to try it!
  • Some people love it – some people think it’s evil in a bite
  • Used to be a seasonal fruit – but now you can find it almost anywhere in Singapore
  • Don’t have to fight with the spiky husk any longer: durians are sold now pre-packed
  • Don’t bring it in the bus or MRT – unless you want to pay a hefty fine
  • Again: TRY IT!

The Raffles Hotel

  • colonial-style luxury hotel in Singapore
  • Some big names stayed here: think Ernest Hemingway and other famous literati
  • Great picture opportunities in front of the Hotel, with its grand facade
  • Walk around and window-shop in the Arcade
  • The adult beverage Singapore Sling had its origins here at the Long Bar
  • Cost of a night’s stay? $750 – $950!

Hope you all enjoyed the list of Singapore icons! On your visit here, try grabbing some great pictures of these. Better still, make sure you’re in the shot!

If you’ve visited Singapore before, what other icons do you remember? Care to share them in the comments below? AWESOME!




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