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I’m Alex Thio, and the creator of the Coming To Singapore Blog and Podcast.

Hi. I'm Alex.
Hi. I’m Alex.

I’m a native Singaporean, born and raised on this island. I spent most of my life here, but half of it in America where I studied in the states of Indiana and Ohio.

I’m a musician by trade, a pianist and piano instructor. I’m a self-professed web geek who also designs websites using WordPress.

About the Blog and Podcast

When I returned to Singapore in November 2011, I realized that I was seeing Singapore through the eyes of a tourist and a visitor. So much has changed and so many exciting things are happening here.

I thought it would be great to produce a podcast about Singapore – and share interesting travel tips and advice with those who might be planning a vacation here. Or even coming here to Singapore for an extended period of time.

I’m a ‘content consumer’, that is, I listen to podcasts on a daily basis. I’ve learned so much on topics ranging from current technology, to business and productivity,  to entrepreneurship and fitness – and even how to create a decent podcast!

But I just couldn’t find much out there about my dear little country Singapore! So, I decided to create a podcast – just for you.

I hope to bring you valuable content that you can use: whether you’re coming here to visit, or on a business trip, or making a move to Singapore that lasts a little longer. My aim is to share with you the information you need and want – so that your stay here can be memorable.

If you find the blog and podcasts useful, please let me know. Drop me an email and tell me what you’d like to hear on the podcasts – and I’ll be glad to work on it.

And thank you for taking time to visit!